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Not long ago we had 70 employees working around Europe, now we are over 80. But who are all these people and what knowledge and skills do they bring to us? Last month we announced the news that Frontkom and the Oslo company Tanken bak are merging, and we got three new employees on the team. An art director, a front end developer and a salesperson. It is not just in Oslo that we are expanding, we have also grown in Fredrikstad in recent months. Just look at that bouquet below here


Marius Skaara is the one who is exceptionally cheerful on a Monday morning, he comes in the door with a smile and a laugh that fills the room. You might be able to guess what he will be working on? Quite right, he will work with sales and sustainability. He is a team player until a ball comes into the picture, then it quickly becomes win or lose. Have a chat about sales or sustainability with Marius? You can get in touch with him here.


Two front-end developers have also started at the Fredrikstad office, both coming almost straight from the study bench. But what they both have in common is that they have been doing programming on a hobby basis for a few years before starting their studies. Ole André Eikrem comes from Kristiansund but moved to an unseen house here in Fredrikstad after a few years in Spain, before starting his studies he worked as a security guard for many years, so we are sure that Ole André remembers to lock the PC when we have lunch. Not to forget Eirik Andreas Gustavsen, he has worked with front-end in addition to his studies, so he is already well acquainted with what he will be working with here with us. Eirik is also the newest challenger to beat the office. 

Want to talk about front-end with these two? You can reach Eirik here, and Ole André here. 

We have also have a new colleague from Ukraine at the office in Fredrikstad, his name is Zakhar Pyrohov and he is with us mostly for language practise in Norwegian. He has worked as a developer for many years and comes to us with lots of knowledge, tips and a really good singing voice, we really appreciate that he wants to learn Norwegian from us. Have chat with Zakhar here. 

That was our new colleagues in Fredrikstad, but we have new people joing us in Poland and Portugal as well.🤩


In Portugal, we have received back a former colleague, Fabio has returned as a full stack developer at our office in Madeira in Portugal. Fabio is someone who is always looking forward to learning and growing, we really appreciate him coming back to us again. 

If you want to talk to someone who knows everything you're wondering about in the field of full stack, you can reach Fabio here.

Although we have offices in Madeira, two have started working remotely from the mainland, Mohammad Alavi and Jorge Morai, one will work front-end and one back-end, the common thing for these two is that they both have a love for JavaScript.


Want to talk JavaScript with Mohammad? You can do that here.
Want to reach Jorge? Do that here. 


Two new ones have started in Poland, Karolina and Adrian,

Karolina has become part of our business support team, she will work on tasks that help Frontkom become even more efficient. She has a fondness for architecture and psychology which she spends a lot of time on when she is not in the office. Knowledge of psychology will come in handy when she will now be working with many different people from many different countries.  

Have a chat with Karolina here.poland

Adrian Chojnacki "belongs" to our office in Poland, but he usually works from home. He will work with front-end and React, Adrian also spends a lot of time meditating. We look forward to learning more about react and hopefully a bit about meditation as well. Have a chat about front-end with Adrian here

Velkommen til oss!


Henriette Emilie Østholm works as a social media expert in Frontkom Experience and writes about themes that engage her. She is educated in PR, communication and marketing from Middelsex University in London.

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