Quality content is the key to customer conversions

Let quality content make your CMS shine.

Did you invest cash and competence building an excellent CMS? Congratulations on an important investment! Do you plan to spend time and money developing an outstanding website? We couldn't agree more with the decision.

But do you invest comparable resources filling the technical framework with quality content? If the answer is no, you are at risk of missing out on leads, professional networks and ultimately: New customers.

Let quality content make your CMS shine

It's what's inside that counts, they say. And yes, a great looking technical framework lacking content that holds the same quality becomes a bit like a boat with empty fuel tanks. It can be shiny and glossy with a beautiful design. Built for speed with the strongest, most reliable engines in the entire harbour. But without fuel, it can't demonstrate its full potential, and it definitely doesn't take you where you want to go. You must be just a little tempted to take advantage of the opportunities it has to offer?

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When it comes to making the most out of websites and applications, both an excellent technical framework and high quality content are essential factors. Tech and content must work together to take you where you want to go. It is never an option to let mediocre technical solutions ruin the user experience and put a stop to conversions. And just as obvious: If you invest in a state-of-the-art technical framework, you simply can't afford to miss out on the opportunities that quality content has to offer.


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What is your content strategy?

CMS means Content Management System. Obviously, you need something to publish, or content to manage, for a CMS to make itself useful and add value to your business. But how do you know what is the right content to fill your website with?

A technological eye-catcher just isn't useful if there are no eyes to catch. The appealing design, the seamless integrations and the short loading time are not visible to customers scrolling the Google search page. Only when users start visiting your website, you get to show them its technical qualities. Not even skilled copywriters spending hours reviewing your website language necessarily make your site easier to find in search engines. In addition to optimized language, make sure you also think about:

  • Customer journeys
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • The definition of a conversion
  • Target audience

… to start with.

In other words, your number one priority to get the most out of a good CMS is to prepare a good content strategy. For the content to add value, it must work for you, but it must also work for your customers. Content marketing is about building trust and creating a good relationship with the target groups by offering great value.

To be able to do this, you need to find out who you are talking to and to be aware of their interests and needs. This means that mapping your target groups is an important part of the content strategy. The strategy includes both quality content and efficient content production, and at the same time, it lays down a plan for publishing and achieving targets.

So start by defining strategic goals defining what you want to achieve with your digital communication. We recommend establishing concrete goals and basing the strategy on data collection and analysis. In this way, you get the opportunity to measure and continuously monitor ROI - return on investment - and continuously evaluate and optimise your work to improve your results.

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Who, what, where, why and how

By asking yourself a few basic questions, you will get important answers that are essential to develop a good strategy. Raising awareness of why the company exists can provide a useful starting point for quality content. The question of who is complex because it includes both the slightly existential "who are we" (read: Branding!) and "who are our target groups".

Next in line is what. To answer this, we need to define what kind of content we want to communicate. What meets the needs of our customers? What adds value and creates trust and loyalty? What creates conversion? Feel free to be inspired by Sven's blog post about why certain companies succeed with content marketing.

Obviously, if it is not made available in relevant channels, the content adds no real value either to you or your target groups. In other words, where is also an essential question that must be answered. Work to find the right mix of owned, paid and earned media and find out through which channels you reach your target groups. Don't forget to consider which content belongs on which platforms, and how it should be adapted to create value.

The next important decision is how to communicate what you want to say, i.e. what types of content works best. Did you establish a common tone of voice for the company? What is suitable in a blog post, what belongs in a newsletter, what works in video format and what should be communicated in a column?

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Make sure you lead potential customers on the right track along their customer journey by uncovering their needs and adding value that exceeds their expectations. You can't always expect them to find their way without guidance. To avoid potential customers from getting lost, take them by the hand with good blog posts, show them the way to a video which adds real value, give them information they find interesting or offer them a product they need. This is when your quality content starts converting.


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Create quality content

Laying down a good strategy for quality content requires competence. Did you know that Frontkom recently assembled a team of experts who can help you with your digital marketing strategy and communication?

We offer the tools, methods and processes you need to prepare strategies for you digital communication, marketing, content, PR, data collection and analysis, as well as practical content production, publishing and follow-up.

The digital marketing and communication services we offer include:

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
    Are your customers able to find you and what you want to say in digital channels? When people search for products or services within your industry, your company should be top of the list. We know how you’ll succeed in making your content climb the rankings.
  • HubSpot CRM
    HubSpot facilitates continuous company growth, fewer silos and better customer experiences. As the leading software for CRM, marketing, sales and customer service, HubSpot helps companies attract visitors, generate leads, make sales and delight customers.
  • Content strategy and production
    Your message should be seen, heard and understood. Based on insight and analysis we formulate your message and create great stories conveyed through articles, video, sound and images. In a good content strategy everything is connected.
  • Inbound marketing
    Inbound marketing is a holistic strategy to get more leads. increase sales and strengthen your brand. With inbound marketing you’ll be able to increase sales by selling to customers the way they’d like to buy.
  • Paid ads
    Digital advertisements are getting more complicated, and mistakes could be costly. Spend time growing your business instead, and we’ll make your ad investments pay off.
  • Customer journey
    Every interaction with a customer is a crossroads where you’ll fail or succeed. We help you identify the most important crossroads and remove friction from your customer journeys.
  • Optimization and conversions
    Optimizing is what squeezes the final percentages of potential out of your website and content and makes you a leader in your industry. Make your platforms all they can be by making sure your texts are searchable, your navigation is flawless and your lead generation effective.
  • Courses and skills development
    An important part of our mission is to add competence and learning to our clients. We arrange courses an trainings in many areas.
    -Writing for web
    -Search Engine Optimiziation
    -Analysis and tools for optimization
    -Email marketing
  • Brand analysis
    Groundbreaking research makes it possible to measure your brand impact statistically. We cooperate with Brandr Index to develop and install this new brand analysis tool.
  • Digital strategy
    Making decisions about your digital products and services can seem like chasing your own tail. Unless you let the data make them for you, that is. We have established processes for determining which search terms you should use, who you should target, what your core pages should be, and most other digital decisions.
  • PR and communication
    Your business does great things. But how to communicate that to the public? We help our clients make social responsibility and sustainability an integral part of all communication inside and from the company.

Complete solutions for technology and content

The team working with marketing and communication at Frontkom is a lucky bunch. We are a team with high competence in our separate fields of expertise. We have the privilege of working together to achieve better results than would have been possible standing alone. Because we are data-driven and base our work on insights and analysis carried out by our own professionals, we don't have to settle with assumptions.

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For technology and content to work together as described above, you have to extract the best from both worlds - and that is exactly what we have the opportunity to do at Frontkom. Our work combines advanced theory and best practice of technology, communication and marketing, and our professionals cover all areas of expertise.

Close cooperation between our designers, developers and marketing department gives the advantage of a unique overview and insight into our customers' organization and characteristics. This is how we can lay down comprehensive strategies and build solutions which never let technical framework and content limit each other. On the contrary, tech and content will be designed to work together to benefit from each other and make each other shine.

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What can we do for you?

As described, making maximum use of the technical framework requires quality content. If you lack the time and competence to lay down and carry out a tailored content strategy to achieve your business goals, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will help you launch your content strategy and fill you digital communication tanks with quality content. Time to welcome your customers on board for a seamless journey to conversion.

Let's do something cool together. Get in touch!



Meet Stine, one of our content producers and consultants at Frontkom. With over 10 years of experience in written, verbal, and visual communication. She also has a Master's degree in Scientific Media Studies and Communication from the University of Oslo. Stine is passionate about clear language, precise messaging, and credible sources.

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